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Great Potters' How-to Videos from Rushing Waters Studio!

Steven Hill - Surface Techniques


Join Steven Hill on a journey of discovery as he demonstrates his techniques for applying slip, pouring glazes and layering sprayed glazes to achieve his wonderful organic glaze surfaces. Steven shares all in this in-depth video including glaze recipes, equipment lists and insightful discussions on form, surface and inspiration. A long time reduction potter, Steven explains how to use his layering and spraying techniques to achieve the incredible rich look normally associated with gas or wood firing, in an electric kiln. Be sure to download the useful PDF's embedded on the video and don't forget to watch the bonus section on spraying equipment.

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DVD 98 Minutes 
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Scott Semple - Throwing Large Pots


Follow Big Pot Potter Scott Semple as he creates a 6ft plus pot in one day in front of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In the process Scott shares his techniques for wedging, throwing, and joining cylinders that he has spent a lifetime developing. Chances are you will never throw a 6 ft. pot but the knowledge you gain from Scott's vast experience will certainly help you face the challenges of throwing larger pots. Scott's easy going personality and humor make watching this video a joy. A great source of inspiration for young potter's to follow their dreams and established potter's to challenge themselves. Don't forget to watch the hilarious bonus blooper segment at the end of the video. 

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DVD: 80 Minutes 
Retail Price: $49.95 -- HALF-PRICE SALE $24.95!



In this video internationally recognized potter Robin Hopper takes us on a brilliant journey through the process of creating ceramic art. He uses four separate techniques: Agate Ware, Slipware, Majolica, and Porcelain Canvas to explain the process of taking one's original inspiration and bringing it to life. This unique video will not only teach you valuable skills from a Master Potter, it will hopefully inspire you to explore whole new directions in your work. Robin Hopper literally wrote the book on glazes. His house sits on literally tons of test tiles. He is constantly on a mission of discovery. The final portion of this video takes a close look at Robin's newest discovery, Porcelain Canvas. 

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DVD 50 Minutes 
Retail: $49.95 -- HALF-PRICE SALE, JUST $24.95!
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Join Tom Turner in the first of a two-part series of DVDs as he walks you through preparing, throwing, and decorating porcelain. Tom shares his more than 50 years of experience in clay, passing on insight and tips to help you grow as a porcelain artist. Featured are Wedging • Centering • Throwing • Making Lids • Stamping • and Carving. Bonus feature: Get a rare peek at Tom's entire personal collection!

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DVD 50 Minutes 
Retail: $49.95 -- ON SALE, JUST $39.95!
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