Ceramic Art Trends, Tools, and Techniques for Potters Worldwide

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clay supplies & equipment

3-D Potter

The only dedicated 3D ceramic printer using real clay! The most predominant point to be made about our system is the fact that we extrude thick clay. Unlike other machines that run air compressors and hoses and need very diluted clay or slip, our extruders use thick clay. Basically clay straight out of the bag with only a little water added.


Advancer Kiln Shelves

Light as a feather, stronger than any other shelf - Often imiitated but never equaled, ADVANCER® kiln shelves are thin, lightweight kiln shelves made from an advanced nitride-bonded silicon carbide composition.  ADVANCER kiln shelves are 19 times stronger, and weigh 50% less than conventional 1” thick cordierite kiln shelves and are made flat to stay flat so there’s no warping even after many firings under heavy loads.


American Ceramic Supply Co.

"The Authority on Ceramic Arts" — A complete line of ceramic equipment and pottery supplies for over 40 years. Discounted one-stop shopping and education for traditional ceramists, potters, 
paint your own pottery studios, finished ware producers, teachers and art educators,
home based hobbyists, architects and contractors for:
 ceramics/pottery and glass fusing


Carolina Clay Connection

Pottery supplier of choice in the Carolinas and beyond. Our retail store is located in Charlotte NC. We assist individuals and schools in choosing the equipment and supplies needed to advance their clay programs. We carry a full selection of potter's wheels, kilns, slab rollers, extruders, pugmills, glazes, tools, chemicals, books, and more.


CERF Studio Protector

"The Artist's Safety Net" — CERF+ was started by artists for artists in the craft community as a grassroots mutual aid effort in 1985.  CERF+ has since emerged as the leading nonprofit organization that uniquely focuses on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods nationwide.


Circle-Matic Form Finder

Explore conical forms with these easy-to-use templates designed for potters and teachers working with clay slabs or paper. Developed by Sandi Pierantozzi, reknowned Philadelphia handbuilder. View the CircleMatic DVD video clip here.


Continental Clay Co.

A family-owned company, Continental focuses on the widest selection of clay and sculpting supplies at great prices.  Unlike warehouses set up to move large volumes of inexpensive products, Continental has over 65,000 sf dedicated to clay mixing, glaze production, research and development, plus retail store and gallery.


Dolan Tools

Dedicated to production of the finest quality, handmade ceramic tools for trimming, sculpting, wheel work, handbuilding, and more.  With over 20 years of tool construction experience, Dolan takes pride in providing their customers with a premium product made in America, with 100% American materials.


Euclid's Elements

Home of Euclid's Elements, Euclid's offers a wide variety of products including ceramic accessories, books and magazines, brushes and applicators, equipment, kiln elements, kiln furniture and tiles, kiln parts and cones, kiln repair directory, kilns, molds and mold making, personal protection, potters wheels and parts, pottery tools, clay, stains, underglazes, and more!


Fired-on Images

Create incredible works of art using this *Patented process with your own intricately detailed text, handwriting, photographs, or illustrations. All you need is Fired-On Images Transfer paper, any Canon or HP Black-Only Laser printer, and access to a kiln ...

Giffin Tec

The Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel. It halves the time previously spent in trimming and makes practical trimming shapes that would otherwise have been left untrimmed. Visit the Web site for information on the original Giffin Grip and several new devices to help you make great works of clay.

Great Lakes Clay & Supply Co.

Home of the Glaze-eze underglaze marker; Wax-eze wax resist marker; Versa-bat system, plus a wide variety of all types of pottery supplies and equipment.


Handmade Tile Association

The Handmade Tile Association is a diverse group of independent members and volunteers, including: handmade tile and mosaic artists, tile historians, tile setters, tile showrooms and galleries, tile organizations, material suppliers, educators, design services, and tile related fields all across the United States. Its intent is to allow easier access to the tile artists and the resources around them to better serve the public, tile setters, designers, contractors, architects, and organizations of the community and beyond.

Hi-roller Vertical Slab System

This vertical slab roller uses less space and is considered by many to be quicker, easier, flatter, and better than conventional horizontal slab rollers ... plus it's offered with a lifetime warranty and free shipping. Check out the online video here.


Hood College

The Graduate School at Hood College, in Frederick, MD, offers a choice of three dynamic post-baccalaureate programs and a wide array of courses in the ceramic arts. The 18-credit certificate program — the first of its kind and one of the most respected in the country — is designed for those pursuing ceramic arts as a career and for art teachers who wish to enrich their students’ classroom experience.

Japan Pottery Tools

Located in San Fransisco, CA, Japan Pottery Tools is a group of people who love to play with clay. Check out these traditional Japanese pottery and ceramic tools at www.japanpotterytools.com.

Koala Tools

Makers of one-of-a-kind tools like a size-adjustable circular ruler called the Ring Ruler; and a shape-shifting, multi-sided ruler set called the Versa Ruler. We also produce sketchbooks with  perspective and radial grids that are great for patterns and three-dimensional designs. Visit our website at koalatools.com and save 20% with coupon code: CLAY.


L & L Kilns

Manufacturer for more than 56 years of ceramic pottery kilns, featuring exclusive "Dyna Glow" Ceramic Element Holders to help improve element and brick life. L&L makes Easy-Fire and Jupiter Polygonal Kilns, DaVinci Square and Rectangular sectional kilns and the new Easy-Load front loading kilns. The L&L Web site also offers information on buying a new kiln, specifications, prices and extensive troubleshooting information.


Laguna Clay Co.

Since its inception in 1976, Laguna has worked closely with industrial, commercial, educational and individual customers to serve their specific needs while providing the broadest possible selection of materials, supplies and equipment. The asset purchases of Mineral Ceramic Products, S. Paul Ward, Westwood Ceramic Supply, Pacifica Potter's Wheels, Miller Ceramic Supply and Thorley Refractories have seen the company grow from a local pottery supply house to an international ceramic supplier.

MKM Pottery Tools

Maker of a wide variety of tools for the ceramic artist, ranging from stamps for unique impressions in clay to basic and advanced tools for wheel-throwing, sculpting, and more. All MKM stamps, rollers, HandRollers, Mini Rollers, etc, are carved at MKM's own factory by MKM employees who are very committed to quality in the original wood blank material, quality of design, quality of carving, and quality of wood finish (teng oil). www.mkmpotterytools.com



The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) is a dynamic, 501(c)3 organization that engages and sustains a community for ceramic art, teaching and learning. In addition to deepening knowledge within the field, NCECA expands it by working to cultivate the next generation of ceramic artists and enthusiasts through programing that affects professional artists, K-12 schools, community centers, universities, museums, galleries, businesses, organizations, collectors and enthusiasts of ceramic art. Currently comprised of approximately 4,000 members from the United States and more than 20 foreign countries, NCECA reaches thousands of additional individuals each year through its programs, publications, events, exhibitions and resources.

New Mexico Clay Terra Sig

Your resource for 'Terra Sigillata', a watery refined slip used to facilitate the burnishing of raw clay surfaces and used to promote carbon smoke effects, in both primitive low-temperature firing techniques and unglazed alternative western-style Raku firing techniques. Terra Sigillata is also used as a brushable decorative colorant medium in higher temperature glazed ceramic techniques. 


Paducah School of Art & Design

At Paducah School of Art and Design (PSAD), a mix of traditional and non-traditional students and studio artists from the community work side by side in the studios, sharing insights, experience, and ideas for the mutual benefit of all. PSAD, a division of West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC), offers classes in a wide variety of visual art studio areas and art history .Check out the lineup for this summer's ceramic masters workshop series here.

Paragon Industries

Paragon Industries, located in Mesquite, Texas manufactures quality kilns and industrial furnaces. Paragon builds specialty kilns for ceramics, copper enameling, glass fusing, slumping, pottery, heat treating, silver clay, PMC, Art Clay Silver, raku jewelry, and much more.Their kilns come in a variety of chamber shapes and sizes. Select between top or front loading.


Silver City Clay Festival
From July 22-30, 2017, the Silver City Arts and Cultural District will hold its annual clay fest, to feature workshops, tours, lectures, exhibitions, farm-to-table undraiser, clay poker fundraiser, clay brunch, youth events, free events, and more! Check out the details online.
Skutt Ceramic Products
For more than 45 years, a leading manufacturer of electric kilns, controllers, and venting systems for use by the hobby and industrial markets. From their KS manual kiln line to their KM automatic kilns to their "new" Kiln Master Zone Control electronic kilns, Skutt offers an extensive line of kiln products to meet a wide variety of needs.
Slab Mat
SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. SlabMat is a proprietary non-woven material used instead of canvas for slab rollers or rolling slabs with a rolling pin. For the smoothest slabs, use a SlabMat on both sides of the clay slab, with the smooth side of SlabMat touching the clay. One long piece of SlabMat may be used for small clay slabs, folded over itself with the clay sandwiched in between. SlabMat can also be used in conjunction with other materials, like heavyweight paper or fabric, to add defined texture to one side of a clay slab, while keeping the opposite side totally smooth. To find a distributor near you, click here.
Ward Burner Systems
A complete source for raku burners, raku kilns, power burners, Venturi burners, protective clothes and gloves, plus brick and fiber. They also stock safety valves, pyrometers, thermocouples ... just about any kind of part for gas kilns and burners.
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